Wonderful experience with my three-year-old daughter. Took the time to explain things to her. Also answered my questions and took time to show pictures and explain the x-rays in great detail for my own visit.
Cassy G.

Milky, the hygienist, was fabulous with our two kids, even my daughter who was more than a bit apprehensive. Dr.Jacob was also kind and allayed my fears about my daughter's dental health with helpful information.
Michelle K.

Both the hygienist and dentist were very professional and informative during the cleaning procedure and x-rays.I had a great experience with Dr.Jacob at my follow up visit for additional treatment. A great time at the dentist's office. I will be definitely recommending to family and friends.
Janice B.

Dr.Jacob and his staff were really friendly and patient.They took the time to explain everything to me and my two young children.We will definitely be coming back for all recommended treatment and our next set of check-ups. Thank you, Dr.Jacob.
Anu A.

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